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BAYAC creates a culture of service which embodies a commitment to youth development, education, community engagement and public service that will extend beyond a service year. Our BAYAC AmeriCorps members are a mix of parents, students, and community members who want to serve their local community as a champion of education and non-profit work.

Am I Eligible?

AmeriCorps members are interviewed by the partner host sites and invited to participate in the BAYAC AmeriCorps program service term.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to enroll in the AmeriCorps program:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States

  • Be at least 17 years of age, a High School graduate or have their GED

  • Able to serve in a full-time 40-hr/wk service term (8 hrs/day)  

  • Complete a program application, provide a minimum of two references and participate in a successful interview;

  • Must be able to complete a National Service Criminal History Check

Why AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps enrolls more than 200,000 individuals to serve organizations making a difference in communities across America. AmeriCorps is an opportunity for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to give their time and talent to strengthen communities.


AmeriCorps Members receive a living allowance, an education award, professional experience, free training, and the opportunity to make a lasting impact on their communities.

What do AmeriCorps Members Receive?


  • Living Allowance - AmeriCorps members receive a predetermined living allowance to offset cost of living expenses while serving in the program.

  • ​Education Award - Receive up to $10,000 in an Education Award for full-term Members. The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award & CA For All Education Award can be used to repay qualified student loans, pay current educational expenses at a qualified school or pay current educational expenses.

  • Training - Members receive training throughout their term of service on youth development frameworks & philosophies and on-going professional development sessions.​

  • Loan Forbearance - AmeriCorps members are eligible to have the repayment of certain student loans postponed during their term of service while they are earning an education award.

  • ​Childcare - AmeriCorps members who serve in a full-time capacity  may receive subsidized childcare while they are participating in national service. 

  • Healthcare - BAYAC makes healthcare available to qualified AmeriCorps members and access to health & wellness resources

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