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"Esprit De Corps Award"

One of the best things about AmeriCorps service is that it unites you with people who are similarly passionate, committed, and civically engaged. In AmeriCorps lingo, this is called the “esprit de corps”, the common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to service to the community. It’s the intangible feeling that you’re connected with people who are actively working together with you for better schools and communities.

We would like to honor the following members who have shown exemplary service, loyalty, enthusiasm, and embodied a service mindset.

2023 Recipients

Sofia Cohen - 826 Valencia

Kayla Ong - OUSD Community School

Sergio Orizaga - Summit Public Schools

Katie Schneidau - Summit Public Schools

2022 Recipients

Angela Iton - 826 Valencia

Kit Gardner - 18 Reasons

Colleen Weyland - WCCSD King Elementary School

Sasha Price - OUSD Korematsu Discovery Academy

Lisa McNelley - BACR Mental Health Intern


2021 Recipients 

Leila Rad - La Clinica de la Raza, Oakland Tech High School TechniClinic

Matt Wilcox - WCCSD Lake Elementary School

Jilly de la Torre - Youth Spirit Artworks

Joshua Chan - 826 Valencia

Allison Waugh - BACR Mental Health Intern

 "Pete Hudson Leadership Award"

Pete Hudson lost his fight to brain cancer on March 26, 2011. Pete was more than a member of the BACR staff team; he was a member of our BAYAC family. During his 10-year tenure with BACR, Pete was treated many times, and each time he came back to BAYAC to help make it the stellar program it is now. 

Pete was responsible for a variety of very complex and demanding administrative activities and always practiced the BACR value of perseverance in performing his work. Pete had a heart big enough to personally touch each and every AmeriCorps member he came in contact with. Pete was a quiet leader who had a soft-spoken, though powerful presence and impact on the lives of those he worked with.  

The following members we’d like to honor with the Pete Hudson Award for their humble strength and compassionate leadership. 

2023 Recipients

Jacob Linde - 826 Valencia

Owen Thomas - Summit Public Schools

2022 Recipients

Emmanuel Tril - Alameda County Office of Education , Opportunity Academy

Kai Willow Smith - OUSD Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School


2021 Recipients

Diego Hernandez - 826 Valencia Associate

Lana Tleimat - BAYAC Outreach Fellow

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