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Become a BAYAC AmeriCorps Member

Excited to serve youth in an AmeriCorps program in the SF Bay area?

BAYAC AmeriCorps, is a program of Bay Area Community Resources (BACR), and collaborates with schools and community-based organizations to serve youth and students in the San Francisco and East Bay region. We provide exciting host site positions to grow and develop during your term as well as bi-monthly training sessions to reflect on your service journey with your cohort peers. This program supports folks who are looking to explore the education and non-profit sector and/or advance their career as a youth worker. We are enrolling folks to serve as a Student Success Coach (SSC) at our host sites. SSCs will engage in a variety of roles such as after-school educators, classroom assistants, academic coaches, health educators, and enrichment associates to build strong developmental relationships as caring adult role models. BAYAC is part of the SSC Learning Network that aims to advance educational equity in California. 

Open AmeriCorps Positions

BAYAC Recruitment

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